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    Yuri Gagarin was the first man who went into space Yuri Gagarin was born in a remote Russian village. The village was surrounded by fields of grain. Yuri went to school at the age of eleven years. From childhood, he developed interest in technology. So he was admitted to a school, which had a large aircraft factory.

    In the school, he got an opportunity to look at the workings in the laboratories. He could see through the window, new aircrafts being wheeled from their hangars, took to the runways and flown off by test pilots.

    His school was his inspiring place. Looking at the workings in laboratories inspired him a lot. Soon he developed ambition to become a test pilot. Gagarin used to admire these pilots and himself wanted to become a pilot. But the same idea was emulated by many students and number of vacancies was very limited.

    Yuri took a job of molder of engine parts in a factory and side by side continued his studies at night. His longing for technology brought his dream true and he got a place in the Industrial College of Saratov. To his delight, there was an aerodrome and a flying club. He joined the club.

    In 1955, when he was twenty one, he enrolled as a student pilot in the Air Force Training Centre. He passed out with highest honours in two years and was appointed as pilot in Russian Air Force. Then he met and married a medical student Valentina lvanova. In 1968, Yuri Gagarin crashed his jet trainer and was killed at the age of thirty four.

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