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William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare is arguably the greatest dramatist and Poet of all times. He enriched English literature with his writing. His writing skill and language was so mature that it went deep into people’s hearts. His knowledge of human nature was great and his ability to sense people’s reaction in any particular circumstances enabled him to give us life like characters.

William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare was born in 1564 at Stratford. His father was a trader, but later he became the mayor of the corporation. He was admitted to a good school in Stratford. During his childhood, he used to see plays performed by travelling bands of actors in his town.

    William married Anne in 1582 at the age of eighteen. His wife was eight years older than him. He joined a company of actors and went with them to London. In 1592, he became well-known as a play writer and poet. His first long poem, 'Venus and Adonis' became very popular. Within ten years, he achieved the supreme heights in his life. The death of his father, John Shakespeare was the turning point of his life. He had to work hard and searched avenues for his survival. He was a genius and he found the outlet of his talent in writing. Once he proved himself in writing, his soul found solace and wrote amazingly. Thereafter he never looked back and wrote romantic comedies and tragedies.

    His greatness lies in his knowledge of human nature. His language is so natural that it touches our heart and soul and we feel rejoice, suffer or mourn with his characters like Othello, Hamlet, Julius Caesar and King Lear.

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