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    Voltaire was a great poet of France. He was an advocate of freedom of mind and wrote according to his will. Voltaire considered himself a citizen of world and wrote about a hundred books on vivid topics of his choice.

    He was born in 1694 at Chatenay, near Paris. His full name was Francois Maire Arouet De Voltaire. He had lost his mother when he was a child. As a child, Voltaire showed utter dislike of study. Voltaire neglected laborious studies and was poor in science. He avoided labour and loved pleasure. But Voltaire had inherent ability of writing poetry. His teacher recognized his poetic talent and nurtured it. He helped Voltaire to enhance his poetic skills. Voltaire won many prizes for poetry.

    Once Voltaire drew his sword on his father to get money for his actress lover. He also lied to his father when he said that he needed the money for purchasing equipments. For all this he was put in prison. Voltaire took his prison stay with a resolution to come good in his life. An inspiring event occurred in his life when his father took him back lovingly.

    Voltaire realized himself and joined a group of scholars. Already a man with poetic talent, his career now took a upward path. He had always a desire of thinking differently from other people. He was open, generous and Iover of literature. Voltaire fell in love with Madame de Chatlet, but soon love affair ended.

    In 1726, Voltaire came to England. He wrote a poem 'Henriade' which was published in England. By the time, Voltaire had a matured mind with poetic bent and his reputation increased. He published a little poem ‘An Apology for Luxury' in 1736. His other works are 'The World As It Goes By’, 'The Pupil of Nature' and 'The Princes of Babylon ' Once, he was offered very honorable and lucrative employment, but he refused it as it was for riches and not friendship. Voltaire always heard his inner voice and denounced flattery. He was a man of wit and will. He died in 1774.

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