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(Born 1934)

    Sophia Loren is a well-known superstar of Hollywood. She became known all over the world for her fine acting between the virtual world and the real world. She is a talented star, who can mould character with her acting.

    Sophia Loren was born in 1934 to an unmarried mother. Being a daughter of unwed mother, she had to face hardships in society and spent her childhood in want and penury. She was interested in acting. She took her training in acting and started playing smaller roles with her mother.

    Sophia started her film career as a symbol of glamour and appeal. But she worked hard for acting and soon her talents were recognized. T hereafter, she was given leading roles. She got artistic satisfaction for her acting. She became known all over the world for her fine acting.

    Once she met Carlo Ponti at a beauty contest and they were soon married. Sophia became an actor who completely mingled her identity with the character she played on screen. Sophia Loren was the first foreign actress, who won the prestigious Oscar Award in 1961 for her acting in the film, 'Two Women’. She is open to friendship and romance with the person she likes. She has grown older, but she retains her eminence in the glamorous world of films.

    Sophia Loren is acclaimed superstar of the film like, 'Gold of Naples', 'Boy on The Dolphin Yesterday', 'Woman of The River', 'Today and Tomorrow', etc. Her films gained roaring success.

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