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    Edmund Hillary was the first man to scale the highest peak of the world, the Mount Everest. He achieved this feat together with Tenzing Norgay. His single-mindedness, courage and utter disregard of danger led him to victory over Everest. Hillary showed the quality of his character and displayed man's supremacy over nature.

    Edmund Hillary was born in 1919 in New Zealand. His father had a bee-farm. He studied at school and assisted his father in his work. When Hillary was sixteen years old, he joined a skiing expedition, arranged by the school. Hillary returned home full of enthusiasm from the expedition He had liked the snow very much. After he had left school, he studied in university and later joined his father and brother in bee-farm.

    One evening, he was sitting in the hotel lounge at the foot of a mountain. Two men entered talking about a climbing expedition to Mount Cook. Hillary saw the quiet excitement of their achievement on their faces. Hillary felt great excitement. He decided on the spur of the moment that next day only he would go out and follow their example. Mount Cook is a 12,000 feet high mountain in South Island. Hillary went on a number of times on mountain expeditions.

    He also went on Himalayan expenditure as a member of the British Mountaineering Team under the leadership of Colonel John Hunt. On 29 March, 1953, Hillary together with Tenzing Norgay climbed the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest.

World gave due recognition to the unique success of Edmund Hillary. His actions enhanced the spirit of mankind.

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