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Simon Bolivar

    Simon Bolivar was the great liberator of many South American countries from the clutch of Spain. He freed Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia by 1824 and there was no Spanish rule left in South America. Whole South America fondly remembers and honours him as 'The George Washington of South America'.

    Simon Bolivar was born in 1783 in Venezuela. His parents had come from Spain and had settled in Venezuela. He was born in a rich family but both of his parents died when Simon was a boy. He was taught by tutors at home. Simon read many books about freedom. He smelt the essence of freedom and resolved to get back the freedom of Venezuela. Bolivar went to Spain at the age of sixteen and studied law. Bolivar came back to Venezuela via United States.

    In United States, Bolivar had seen the brave fight of George Washington for independence. Bolivar now became more determined for the freedom of his country, Venezuela. Thus visit to United States and reading of books of freedom inspired Simon Bolivar to work for liberation of his motherland.

    Bolivar led many men who wanted to free their country from the yoke of Spain. Some men from neighbouring country Colombia also came to join him. Bolivar led his little army into the town of Caracas and defeated the Spaniards there. The people cheered him as 'Liberator'. Again, Bolivar collected an army of about six thousand men and attacked the Spaniards and drove them out of Venezuela. Bolivar became the President of Venezuela and tried to liberate Colombia from the Spaniards. Bolivar's main goal of life was to establish freedom from slavery and he liberated all South American countries. He died in 1830.

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