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    Dr. S. Ramgoolam was the liberator of Mauritius from Britishers. He led the freedom movement in the Island of Mauritius and at last, he succeeded in winning freedom. Thus, Ramgoolam became the creator of modern Mauritius.

    S. Ramgoolam was born in 1900. He was studious and liked to engage in reading books. He qualified as a doctor, but was grieved to see the pitiable life of Indian labourers working there.

    Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean and it was under occupation of Great Britain for centuries. A large number of its population was of Indian origin, who worked there as labourer. They were poorly paid and tyrannized by English supervisors staying there. Ramgoolam was a sensitive humanist. The pain and grief of the downtrodden Indian labourers inspired him to lead freedom struggle movement. He instilled in them the will to be free.

    Mauritius won freedom from the Britishers. Dr. Ramgoolam became the Chief Minister in 1959. Then he succeeded to be the Prime Minister of Mauritius. He remained as Prime Minister for a long time, making plans of progress for this island nation.

    Ramgoolam founded the Labour Party in his country and became its president. He made laws and rules in favour of poor laborers and worked to make their life comfortable and honorable.

    Mauritius is now a modern country. He remained the most popular politician of the country till his end. Thus he is rightly called 'Father of the Nation.' He died in 1985, leaving great legacy for his country, Mauritius.

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