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    Otto von Bismarck was the chancellor of Germany. The credit of making unified Germany out of smaller. States goes to the towering personality of Bismarck. He made it a mission to unite and uplift the small Prussian states into a single progressive nation, and he did it. Modern and developed Germany is the gift of Otto von Bismarck.

    Otto von Bismarck was born in 1815, the year of the Battle of Waterloo. He was born in a Prussian Junker family. Bismarck inherited his intelligence and quick perception from his mother. After studying and leaving the university Bismarck joined the civil services. Soon, he grew dissatisfied with his job. He left his job and got married to Joanna. Joanna proved lucky for him. Bismarck joined politics of Prussia. His earnest desire to serve his country prompted him to join politics.

    Bismarck became the foreign minister of Prussian council due to his efforts and integrity. He worked hard and showed his capability as a politician and diplomat. Bismarck attacked Denmark and Austria on a trifle matter to display his power. He organized and united the northern states as well as southern states to form a unified Germany. Bismarck was made prince and later first Chancellor of Germany.

    Bismarck ruled Germany from 1862 to 1890. During his reign, Bismarck left his imprint on all the sectors of German life. Bismarck’s Germany was excellent in administration. He promoted industries and planned well for the progress of his country. Bismarck did his best for upliftment of Germany. He became very important person in Europe. But Bismarck committed great error by not giving Germans liberty. Bismarck did not favour wars, but militarism grew in Germany during his lifetime, which laid foundation for the two world wars.

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