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    Napoleon was the Emperor of France. He was a genius and had an extraordinary capacity for hard work. He was greeted by people of his time as the Liberator of France. He was a great advocate of people's rights and had a heart full of kindness. The maxlm, "Impossible is the word found in a fool's dictionary" is attributed to Napoleon.

    Napoleon Bonaparte was born on the Island of Corsica in 1769. His father was an Italian and a successful lawyer. He died when Napoleon was a child. In school Napoleon loved to study books and maps. He became the brightest student of his school. At the age of fifteen years, he was admitted to the military school at Paris.

    One inspiring event during his study time changed the course of his life. He was promoted at the military school at Paris. This boasted his confidence. He got recognition for his extraordinary talent at this military school. He earned love and respect for himself. He developed a strong character as well as brilliance and presence of mind. Now there was no looking back at his gloomy days of childhood. He started rising the ladders of success.

    At the age of twenty six, he was appointed as the commander-in-chief of the army in ltaly. He defeated the Austrians in Italy and they were driven out of ltaly. Napoleon established popular government in Venice. He also established peace with Austria and thus was regarded as the liberator of ltaly. He became the Emperor of France and promoted the happiness and prosperity of France. Napoleon was an ambitious person, which helped him to rise to such laudable position.

    In 1815, Napoleon had to fight with the Prussians and the English troops in the Battle of Waterloo. He was badly defeated and removed from the throne. He wanted to take refuge in the US, but many obstacles were put in his way. He was banished to St.Helena, an island and made prisoner there. He lived a miserable life there for five years and died at the age of fifty-two years due to a killer disease.

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