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Nadia Comaneci
(Born 1961)

    Nadia Comaneci was the first gymnast who scored a perfect ten and astonished the world in the Montreal Olympics of 1976. She scored a perfect ten seven times in the Olympic Games. The Montreal Olympics of 1976 would be remembered for excellent performance by Nadia.

    Nadia was born in Rumania in 1961. Gymnastic exercises are quite popular in Rumanian girls. Girls there do gymnastic exercises as their hobbies. Nadia from her childhood had an inclination for gymnastics. Nadia was selected to represent Rumania at the Montreal Olympics in Canada in 1976. Selection for the prestigious Olympics games was so inspiring to Nadia that she created a stir and got applause for her sterling performance.

    Nadia Comaneci astonished the audience with gymnastic exercises of her flexible body in Montreal Olympics. Everybody in the world who saw her performance praised her. Although she could not repeat her performance in the Moscow Olympics of 1980, even then, she secured two gold medals in beam and floor exercises.

    But the people of the world never forgot the miracle performance in Montreal Olympics at a tender age of fourteen. Even today, people compare other gymnasts with Nadia Comaneci. Thus she left an imprint in the minds of the people and they still remember her remarkable performance at Montreal Olympics in 1976.

    Nadia Comaneci retired from gymnastics after the Moscow Olympics. A serial based on the life of Nadia was shown in 1989 by Indian television. Thus Nadia left a legacy in gymnastics. She is still remembered by the people.

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