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    Michelangelo Buonarroti is regarded as the greatest artist of the middle ages during Renaissance. He sculptured many statues. His statue of David in Florence is considered the greatest contribution to the world of fine arts, carved in marble. He carved a niche for himself sculpturing, which brought him name and fame from all over the world. Florence became a world renowned centre for art, because of Michelangelo.

    Michelangelo was born in 1475 at Caprese. He lost his mother, when he was only six years old. His father was very ill-tempered and strict with his children. His father wanted his son to go into business, but Michelangelo did not listen to him and resolved to become an artist. He was sent to a painter Ghirlandajo for apprenticeship, but there he had to face jealousy as Michelangelo’s copies of sketches were far superior to his master Ghirlandajo.

    In childhood Michelangelo had to endure the cruelties of his father. Now he became a victim of his teacher's jealousy and anger. As a result, he began to mistrust his fellow men and never got rid of this feeling.

    He modeled the statue The Dead Christ lying in the arms of a very beautiful woman. The people were amazed to see such a wonderful piece of art. Thus Michelangelo painted and modeled figures throughout his life, not according to the convention of the time, but according to his own philosophy.

    The Statue of David, made by him, heralded a new era in sculpture. The ruler of Florence once wrote, "Michelangelo is one of those men from whom you can get anything by kind words - you must show him affection, assure him of his esteem and then he will produce such works as will amaze the world."

    Once the Pope t old Michelangelo to paint on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel the twelve figures of the apostles in such a way as no painter had ever imagined. He painted wonderfully and pope was fascinated. This great artist will be honoured for centuries all over the world.

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