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    William Wordsworth is considered one of the greatest poets of English literature. His poems, 'The Solitary Reaper' and 'Yarrow Unvisited' were masterpieces of his sensitive and emotional feelings for others. In his poem, 'The Solitary Reaper', William very finely touched the hearts of millions of people by describing the melancholy and sorrow of a woman reaping harvest alone in the field and singing her emotions.

    William Wordsworth was born in 1770 in England. He belonged to a noble lineage. His mother died when he was eight and father at fourteen. His uncles taught him and he went to Cambridge in 1787. He got interested in the French Revolution, but left France for want of money. His sister, Dorothy helped him in various ways. She was cheerful and gentle. She lived with him and helped and loved him. Sister's love became the inspiring event in the life of William. He was happy and inspired to write his verses such as 'Westminster Bridge' and 'The Daffodils’.

    Lady Luck showered fortune over William Wordsworth. A friend, whom William had nursed during his illness and last days of life, left him a legacy of 900 pounds on his death. This sum gave boost to Wordsworth who was in need of money. In 1793, he published 'Evening Walk' and 'Descriptive Sketches'. These were not appreciated. But William did not lose heart.

    Again he wrote 'Ode on Immortality' and 'Ode to Duty'. ‘Peele Castle' and other poems were written bearing deep mark of sorrow. These literary works fixed him as an established poet with sensitive heart. In 1846, his daughter Dora died and William was deeply grieved at her death. He also died in 1850.

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