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    Wright brothers were the two American brothers, whom we remember with gratitude as they made man's age-old dream of flying like a bit come true. Aero planes carry People, letters and goods across the world undisturbed by the barriers such as mountains, deserts, seas etc.

    The two brothers-Wilbur and Orville Wright – were interested and showed great ability in mechanical work from their childhood. Both the brothers were very hard-working. They opened a bicycle shop to earn their livelihood. They kept reading about new discoveries and inventions.

    An inspiring moment came in their life when they read about a German who sailed through the air with the help of a glider. They also had keen interest in flying since their childhood. A glider does not really fly, but it sails through the air. Both the brothers wanted to further develop the glider technology to make an aircraft.

    Wright brothers read everything they could find about attempts of flying previously. Man had flown with the help of balloons, airships, etc. But these methods were dangerous. Wright brothers learned about air currents, air pressure etc. and fitted the glider with a light petrol engine. It took almost seven years to make a flying machine which was heavier than air. On the morning of 17th December 1903, Orville flew in it for twelve seconds, covering only 120 feet. It was an important day in the history of world. The aero plane was born.

    The Wright brothers made more flying machines, each one better than the previous ones. They also trained men for flying these machines. Now people saw and believed the amazing feat of Wright brothers. They were honoured wherever they went. Huge crowds gathered to see their exhibition flights. Thus two hard-working and daring Americans lived for ever.

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