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Why did the first humans resemble the Apes?
Why did the first World War happen?
Why did the first World War start?
Why did the Japanese use Kamikaze?
Why sky is blue in color?
Why skylab is named so?
Why some islands are ring shaped?
Why some people are left handed?
Why space probes are considered important?
Why tanks were built?
Why terracing is helpful for farmers?
Why the D-Day landing was a turning point in the second World War?
Why trade was considered the backbone of Greek economy?
Why transmission of intercontinental television is possible?
Why was archimedes so popular?
Why was barbed wire used in the first World War?

Why does the moon shine?

    The moon is the earth’s satellite. It revolves around the earth just like the earth revolves around the Sun. The moon appears to ‘shine’ because the light from the sun strikes its surface and is reflected to us. But, it is a strange fact that we can see only one side of the moon. It is so because the moon rotates on its axis in the same length of time as it takes to complete its revolution around the earth. Since, the moon has no atmosphere, the light from the sun results in many interesting phenomena. For fourteen days, the surface of the moon is heated by direct sun rays and for the remaining fourteen day, it has a cold, dark night.


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