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Walt Disney

    Walt Disney was the famous creator of 'Disneyland'. He also created famous comic characters such as 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Donald Duck', which gained popularity in the entire world. Thus, 'Disneyland' in the state of California is his most memorable gift to the people of the world.

    Walt Disney was born in 1901 in America. From his very childhood, Walt was imaginative as well as he had fascination for animals and loved drawing. His real name was Walter Illias. Walt began his career by launching a cartoon series named 'Alice in Cartoon land'. He worked hard but the series flopped.

    Undeterred by failure, he started a new series, Ostwald the Rabbit, but this time he was duped by a distributor, who bought the copyrights, leaving Walt dry. In this adverse condition, his confidence and urge to succeed was challenged. This became the inspiring event in his life and he decided to go into business on his own. Walt Disney started a new series of 'Mickey Mouse’ Mickey was the first success of this matchless imagination.

    Walt Disney was also a popular writer and film artist. In 1928, he produced a cartoon film with Mickey Mouse playing a leading role in it. In this film, Walt Disney gave his voice to Mickey Mouse. From that time, Mickey and his girl companion Minnie have become great favorites of children. In 1982, a science museum and a theme Park named Walt Disney World Centre was opened at Florida in his memory to honour him.

    He was a born entertainer and lived his life for entertaining people. He was one of the greatest comic artists that world has ever produced. His comic series, 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Donald Duck' are extremely popular in India as well as whole world. The name of Walt Disney is very familiar in all parts of the world. Walt Disney also created 'Goofy' which remains popular in the entire world. He also created the famous comic character 'Scamp'. We still remember this great entertainer.

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