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    Thomas Alva Edison is considered one of the greatest inventors of the world. His long life was the story of research, experiment and invention and of improving the inventions of others. The more famous inventions of Edison, which have made service to the mankind, are gramophone that filled the world with music, the movie projector and the electric bulb.

Thomas Alva Edison

    Thomas Alva Edison was born in 1847 at Milan, Ohio in a poor family. He was not well in his studies. So he left the school and got education from his mother and by his own experimental observations. He possessed a questioning mind. So he was busy doing experiments when he was a young boy. He did experiments and failed, but this failure did not deter this young genius. He learnt a lot from these experiments. As a young boy, Edison once saved the life of the son of a station master, who rewarded him with the facility to learn telegraph operation.

    Edison did the job of telegraph operator travelling throughout the United States, which was an inspiring event of his life. He saved money to open a workshop of his own. Now, he did hundreds of experiments and made a series of inventions. Edison had made about thousand experiments before inventing the electric bulb. Such was his urge for invention. In 1882, Edison set up a power station which supplied power for the first time to the residents of New York City.

    Thus the list of his inventions and devices is endless. Even during his old age, he was too much concerned with making things good. Till his death in 1931, he was actively engaged in research, always finding some new problem for solution. He was a man of versatile talent. He was a servant of humanity and his achievements are his memorial.

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