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Statue of Liberty

    United States of America is the third largest country in the world in population and the fourth largest in area. Until 1500s USA was largely a wilderness, small groups of Indians lived scattered over the land between the Atlantic and the Pacific.

    People in Europe saw in this vast "New World" a chance to build new and better lives. In 1776, Colonists established an independent nation and people from almost every other part of the world settled in the country. It is called "a Nation of Immigrants".

    In this land of all peoples of the world, in the city of New York, one of the most famous landmarks is the majestic copper sculpture that towers over the Liberty Island, at the entrance to the New York harbor. It is, "The liberty enlightening the world" or the Statue of Liberty.

    The Statue of Liberty was given to the people of USA by the people of France in 1884. This is a gift which has an expression of friendship and an ideal of liberty shared by both peoples. French citizens donated the money to build the statue and the citizens of USA gave money for the pedestal. The French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi designed the statue and decided its size. He modeled the statue's face on the face of his own mother.

    It is an expression of freedom to the people all over the world. It shows a proud woman draped in the graceful folds of a loose robe. In her uplifted hand she holds a glowing torch. She wears a crown with seven spikes that stand for the light of liberty shining on the seven seas and seven continents. With her left arm she holds a tablet bearing the date of American Declaration of Independence (4th July, 1776). A broken chain at her feet represents the end of tyranny. For millions of immigrants (originally it was the very poor) it is a welcoming figure holding the promise of freedom and opportunity.

    The Statue of Liberty stands on a 5 hectare Liberty Island in Upper New York Bay. The statue's pedestal rises from the walls of a star-shaped fort built to defend New York against naval attack. The pedestal itself is 47 meters tall. Stairs and a Lift run inside. Part way up the pedestal is a row of pillars called a colonnade.

    The statue is over 46 meters high. It weighs 204 metric tons. It is made od 300 sheets of copper fastened together with rivets. The framework was designed by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. It has a central tower of four vertical iron columns connected by cross beams Iron girders support the raised arm. Two parallel, spiral stairways with 142 steps wind up through the interior of the statue to the crown on the head. The crown has a viewing platform with 25 windows. The torch glows with reflected light from 16 powerful lamps on the rim of the torch.

    The statue was built in Paris and handed over to the US Minister to France, in Paris on 4th July 1884. It was then disassembled and packed in 214 wooden crates and shipped to USA on the French ship 'Isere'. On 28th October 1886 the 'Liberty Enlightening the World' was officially dedicated to New York City.

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