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St. Paul's Cathedral

    Sir Christopher Wren (1632-1723) the great self-taught architect designed and completed the great Cathedral of St. Paul's in the city of London in just thirty-five years. He also designed more than fifty-two London Churches.

    St. Paul's replaced a medieval cathedral destroyed in fire. The great dome, supported by a colonnaded drum, which is turn rests on eight massive piers, is the most important architectural feature of this cathedral. This dome is crowned by a stone cupola (a lantern carrying a ball and cross). It is 366 feet high and 131 feet in diameter. It excels event the dome designed by Michelangel for St. Peter's in Rome. The dome itself is actually three domes. The inner most is visible from inside the church. The next built over it, is not visible, is of brick and supports the cupola and also supports the outer dome built of timber and covered with lead.

    From outside St. Pauls appears to have two storeys. The main entrance has a two storeyed portico with two sets of columns. On top of the portico is the sculpture showing the conversion of St. paul. On either side of the portico is a beautiful campanile (a smaller tower). The north campanile contains the Cathedral Bells and the south one is a clock tower. The fine Choir stalls and organ case are all made by the great wood-carver Grinling Gibbons and the beautiful wrought iron grilles by the Jean Tijon.

The interior of the cathedral is filled with light and looks breathtakingly beautiful. The grave of the architect lies in one side and carries the words, "If you seek a monument, look around you".

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