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(Born 1939)

    Sakuntala Devi is called the 'Human Computer' because she has extraordinary talent in solving complex mathematical Problems orally without the help of pen, paper or computer. She is a genius in numbers and is blessed with God’s gift of intelligence. Sakuntala is utilizing her talent in the field of astrology and numerology.

    Sakuntala Devi was born in 1939 in India. She had extraordinary talent of calculation of numbers from her childhood. She had a niche for arithmetical problems. She solved them orally in no time. Although she could not get formal education, yet she manifested an extraordinary love for numbers at the age of five years. Her father took her to different places to exhibit her intelligence in calculation of numbers. From this, she got encouragement to hold up her talent. Her reputation spread all over the country as well as abroad.

    Sakuntala played with numbers and dates to sharpen her skills. She found a place in the Guinness Book of Records. She astonished scientists across the world by her capacity to solve complex mathematical problems without mechanical aid. Today Sakuntala Devi is acclaimed as human computer.

    Sakuntala Devi, the number wizard gave the product of multiplication of two thirteen-digit figures after multiplying them within twenty eight seconds only.

    In 1976, she amazed the U.S. Scientists by giving immediate answers to complex arithmetical problems through calculating by her conventional approach. She was invited by BBC (London) to give her demonstration on television. Sakuntala Devi surprised world audience with her lightning speed computation.

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