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Saddam Hussein

    Saddam Hussein was a dictator who dared to challenge a superpower. But he had become captive in his own country, lraq. He did not hesitate to fight with his neighbouring country, Iran. He also fought with the USA and its allies, Britain, Spain etc. over the issue of disarmament of weapons of mass destruction.

Saddam Hussein

    Saddam Hussein was born on 8th April 1937. He belonged to a peasant family in Iraq. He studied law at Baghdad and Cairo Universities. He got married to Sajida, a loving wife. From his very childhood he developed revolutionary tendencies as his mother used to tell him the stories of his family's role in the country's independence struggle against the British colonialism.

    Childhood stories from his mother inspired him for struggle to establish independent identity for his country. He transformed Iraqi people from tribal society to a modern country. But due to his egoistic behavior, Iraq suffered massive destruction due to war with Iran and the USA. Millions of people died in these wars and property worth billions was ravaged. On 20th March 2003, the war broke out and lastly Saddam Hussein had to hide in bunkers, while his two sons were killed in the war. He was sentenced to death by Iraqi High Tribunal and was hanged at dawn on 30 Dec. 2006.

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