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    Robert Clive was the founder of British India. He led the foundation of British power in India and played a major role in establishing British supremacy in India. India became the source of wealth for Britain. Robert displayed foresight and courage in the face of tremendous odds. He showed administrative ability and fought a tremendous fight at Arcot. He became victorious in the battle of Plassey which brought him lasting fame.

    Robert Clive was born in 1725. From his childhood, he was impulsive and fearless. His leadership abilities were noted, when he was only seven years old. As a grown up, he secured a post with the East India company. He arrived at Madras with adventurous spirit and joined the company as a soldier. Political conditions of India were in complete disarray after the death of Aurangzeb.

    The action at Arcot took place in 1751 when Clive was only twenty six. Robert Clive fought as the commander of the British army and had a bloodless victory, taking possession of the ancient fort in Trichirapalli. This greatly increased Clive's reputation.

    Later the armies of Siraj-ud-Daulah, the Nawab of Bengal, and the British met at Plassey in 1757. The British forces were led by Robert Clive. The Battle of Plassey is an important landmark in the history of India. It marked the establishment of British rule in India. The British got a foothold in India from where they were able to conquer the whole India. The fame of Clive and his exploits was on everyone's lips.

    When Clive realized that his health could stand no more, he decided to return to England for rest. Clive arrived in England with his wife in 1753, where he got a grand reception. He died in 1774, leading a courageous fulfilling life.

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