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(Born 1940)

    Pele is the world's greatest football player who gave new direction to football. Pele established himself as a highly respected football player, called as the 'Football King'. The Brazilian football team achieved great success in international football under the captaincy of Pele.

    Pele was born in 1940 in Brazil. He belonged to a poor Negro family. From his childhood, he showed no interest in studies, but he was deeply interested in sports. Pele played the first match of his life as a member of the Santos Club team.

    In this match, he scored his first goal. This match inspired him to become a world-class football player. Since then, Pele never looked back and became the topmost football player. At the age of sixteen, Pele was first included in the national football team of Brazil. He put his heart and soul into the game. Soon Pele climbed great heights of success in football.

    He scored his 1000th goal in 1969. Pele displayed his patriotic feelings when he stayed away from the temptation of big money offers from Italy and Algeria as his country Brazil was very close to his heart. In 1970 World Cup Football, Pele who was also called the Black Diamond was honoured with gold medal.

    Pele received many national and international honours in recognition of his excellent service to football. Pele bade farewell to football and the world of sports at Maracana stadium, Rio de Janerio. Yet, he remained active in the arena of football as an advisor.

    Pele established a football academy to train the budding footballers of his country, Brazil. Thus, Pele is not only a great football player of Brazil but also a game advisor and patriot of his motherland.

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