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    Pablo Picasso was the greatest painter and sculptor of the twentieth century. He was a unique inventor of forms and styles in painting called Cubism, which represented things in three dimensions. He was also a pioneer in abstract art and set new traditions in painting.

    Pablo Picasso was born in 1881 in Spain. His father was an art teacher and so he was born with an inherent capacity in arts. He started drawing pictures at the age of nine with extraordinary perfection. At the age of fifteen, he performed brilliantly in the entrance exam at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts. There he painted an art form depicting a doctor, a nun and a child at a sick woman's side. The emotions in the painting moved evaluators and he won a gold medal.

    Winning gold medal in painting was an inspiring event of his life which turned him to a wide variety of art forms, as sculptor, printmaker, stage designer, etc. Adding his extra fillip of imagination, he created beauty that immortalized more than 20,000 works of arts. He tried to capture each scene of life that enchanted his senses.

    Pablo Picasso was an authentic genius and he astonished everyone with the brilliant performance of art and painting. He captured people in dance halls. He painted pains and pleasures of life side by side. Thus, his paintings also expressed human misery like blind figures, beggars, alcoholics and prostitutes. In France, Picasso evolved the symbol of peace (a lithograph of a white dove) which was later accorded international acceptance. Today, it is a universal symbol of peace and it reiterates Picasso's belief who said," l stand for life against death. I stand for peace against war."

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