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(Born 1918)

    Nelson Mandela, a Nobel laureate, was the first elected black president of South Africa. He ended the rigid racial segregation of white and black, known as apartheid. Dr. Mandela worked towards achieving a respectable place for black and established democracy and civil rights in South Africa.

    Nelson Mandela was born in 1918. His father was the chief of the Thembu tribe. Mandela was a confident boy from his childhood. He had a firsthand experience of atrocities of white people against the black. He was filled with anguish over the injustice meted out by the white and thought of liberating the black people from this pitiable condition.

    He came to Johannesburg, where he met a revolutionary named Walter Sisulu. They decided to work collectively to remove the apartheid culture from South Africa. Mandela himself had experienced the choked regime of racial discrimination. He was hell-bent against this inhuman practice. He struggled against apartheid to end this suffocating culture. His mission was to know more and more about law and human culture. He started studying law and getting in-depth knowledge of civil rights.

    Mandela, in association with Sisulu and Oliver Jambo, started an agitation against the white rule with patience and determination. Mandela married Winnie, his comrade-in-arms in the struggle in 1958, after divorcing his first wife, a nurse. He got the support of African leaders like Julius Nyrere and Kenneth Kaunda.

    Mandela was arrested many times by the Pretorian government and released. Later on, the entire world raised protest against the inhuman policies of the South African government. The United Nations imposed economic sanctions on Pretoria. Mandela became a worldwide symbol of anti-apartheid and his efforts in establishing democracy and racial harmony in South Africa brought fruits.

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