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Maxim Gorky

    Maxim Gorky is regarded as the 'Father of Poor person's Literature'. He wrote about the toiling masses of the Russian society with emotional descriptions. He wrote a novel, 'Mother' which is still considered a masterpiece in literature. The novel 'Mother' has been translated into all the leading languages of the world.

    Maxim Gorky was born in 1868 in Russia. His real name was Alexie Maximonich peshkov Gorky. He lost his father at the age of four years. Gorky lived with his maternal grandparents. He was fond of reading and he became a compulsive reader. Gorky did a variety of jobs for his livelihood. He joined journalism for self-teaching and knowledge. Gorky took part in revolutionary activities and was arrested in 1889. Later on he was released. He wandered throughout Russia.

    Once, Gorky met a political exile, Kaliyazhnyi, who urged him to write. He wrote a famous story 'Makar Chudra', which was published in a local daily. The story's publicity was an inspiring event for Gorky. Thereafter, he never looked at his past and became a committed writer.

    In Gorky's writings, we find the moving details of the cruelties and injustices to which the people of Russia were subjected to in the pre-revolutionary days.

    Gorky's longing to see the emancipation of the people came true in the form of 1917 Russian Revolution. Gorky toured through different places in Russia and saw the wretched condition of his countrymen. He was literary genius who wrote about hardships of life through novels, plays, stories and autobiographies. Some well-known literary works of Gorky are 'My Childhood and Reminiscences' and 'Lower Depths'. Maxim Gorky will always be remembered with gratitude. He died in 1936.

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