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    Martin Luther King was the hero who fought for the equal civil rights of Negroes in America. The medium of his struggle for civil rights was non-violence. For serving the cause of human rights all his life, Martin Luther King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

Martin Luther King

    Martin Luther King was born in 1929 in Atlanta. He studied theology, the study of religion, at Boston University. He joined the church service and became Baptist Minister in America. As a minister, he got opportunity to look into the high differences between black and white people of America. The blacks were humiliated and being a black leader, Luther felt the pain and bane of blacks.

    Martin was deeply inspired to struggle for the cause of civil rights of Negroes, the black people. He was later involved in the civil rights campaign and adopted peaceful and non-violent methods.

    Martin Luther King carried out his struggle in decent manner and included persons of all races in his movement. His ways and means of fighting for civil rights of Negroes was such that he was appreciated even by the white community. For achieving civil rights of American Negroes, he founded the 'Southern Christian Leadership Conference.’ Since he was a brilliant thinker and forceful speaker, he mobilized people for justice. Thus he became the symbol of justice and leading figure in the campaign for equal rights for Negroes in America.

    In 1959, Martin Luther King visited India and expressed his faith in the Gandhian ideology of peace. He was also a critic of apartheid or social segregation policy, practiced in South Africa. In 1963, Martin Luther organized a massive march in Washington D.C. to show the strength of the movement. In 1968, he was shot dead by a white and thus became a martyr for his cause.

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