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(1822 - 1895)

    Louis Pasteur was one of the greatest scientists of the world. He found cure for many diseases like rabies, hydrophobia and chicken pox by inoculation of the germs of the disease. Pasteur discovered method of keeping milk and milk products free of germs.

    Louis Pasteur was born in 1822 in France. Since his childhood, he was a nature lover and liked beauty, simplicity and peace of mind. At the age of sixteen, he decided that greater and better work was waiting for him ahead. After schooling, he joined Royal College of Besancon and got the Bachelor of Science degree.

    Louis Pasteur further studied chemistry and then taught chemistry in Strasbourg. There he studied and did experiments to find out the optical qualities of racemic acid. During this work, friendship with Professor J.B. Biot, a distinguished professor of chemistry developed and continued lifelong. This was the turning point of his life which made him the greatest scientist of France.

Louis Pasteur fell in love with Marie and married her. She proved to be a devoted wife to Pasteur. He researched in to the causes of anthrax and found out the process of inoculation. This led to the foundation of the Pasteur Institute. In spite of all the honors that were heaped upon Pasteur, he remained simple at heart. He lived his life to lessen the sufferings of humanity in his own way and left for heavenly abode imprinting his foot on the pages of history.

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