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Louis Braille

    Louis Braille was a genius blind man who gave rays of light to the blind people across the world. He invented the Braille system of reading for the blind and opened the horizon of the colorful world to the blind people. He enabled them to enter the world of knowledge.

    Louis Braille was born in France in 1809. He was a son of saddle maker. When he was a child of 3 years, a tragedy struck him. Once he was playing with a tool used to stitch leather. He stumbled and fell and the tool pierced his eye. Thus he lost one eye in the accident. His second eye was also blinded at the age of five. His father got him admitted to a school for blind at the age of ten. During his school days, a retired soldier taught him to read books with the help of embossed dots.

    Louis desire was to unleash the world of books to the blind people who were lonely. So he spent his time trying to devise a code with symbols for words. One day, he heard about an army officer who had developed a system of writing in raised dots and dashes to be used in the darkness. The army message could be read by touching even in the dark. Louis was inspired by this system to develop a reading system and open up the world of knowledge for the blind. He made impressions of words and punched them on the thick paper so that they could be felt with fingers and read.

    Louis Braille worked hard to perfect this reading system. It became the mission of his life. His health had been frail throughout his life. His system gained acceptance during his lifetime. He died at the young age of 42.The script that he developed came to be called Braille script. Today, books, magazines and other types of literature are available in this script.

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