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    Lord Baden Powel was an army Personnel having innovative bent of mind. Based on his experience in the army, he wrote a small book, named ‘Aids to Scouting'. After retirement from the army in 1907, Major-General Baden Powel took 25 boys for camping on Brown Sea Island for an experiment. It was an experiment but was so successful that he was inspired to launch a movement for boys. Later the Scout Movement became a worldwide organization. 'Boy Scout' means member of organization intended to develop manliness and self-reliance.

    Baden Powel was born on 22nd February 1857 in London. His parents were joyous people and gave their son the lesson to 'Be Happy'. His mother encouraged him to be observant, to notice small things that escape most people's attention. One day, when he grew up, his brother remarked to him, “Since you are so keen on travel and adventure, why don't you 'try the army'.” As he had experience in the school cadet corps, he gained second place in the merit list of the army. He was commissioned as a junior subaltern in 13th Hussars, and then stationed in India. He worked hard and made a great impression on his men.

    One event gave Baden Powel the initial inspiration, which eventually led him to establish the Scout Movement. Charlotte Mason, an outstanding educationalist used his book Aids to Scouting' in her training college for governesses. His capability was proved through his book and he also adapted his book in training the boys. Then he published a book called 'scouting for Boys', which became the handbook of the movement. Within a short time, Scout troops were organized throughout the country and rapidly spread in most of the commonwealth countries.

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