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    Lenin was a great revolutionary, who created one of the two greatest powers of the twentieth century from a primitive, illiterate and feudal country. He overthrew the cruel Czarist regime in Russia by organizing the peasants and the workers. Thus he brought a revolution in 1917 to form communist Russia and devised a new way of social and political life for his country.


    His real name was Vladimir Llyich Ulyanov. He was born in 1870 in Volgo town of Simbirsk. His father was a teacher. He had an elder brother, Alexander. Both were good at studies. At college, his brother discovered that the police was very cruel to the students. He made a plan to kill the Czar in 1887, but unluckily, the plot was disclosed and Alexander was put to death by hanging. His execution stirred the mind of Lenin which left a lasting mark. This was a major happening in his life, which made him revolutionary.

    During studies, Vladimir came to know about the ideas of Karl Marx, the German thinker, whose idea was that the workers should own the land and mills. In Germany, he started publishing a journal called 'The Spark' by the name of Lenin. Thus he came to be known as Lenin. He worked to cause the revolution in the country. He organized the peasants and workers for struggle and was exiled to different places. But he continued to guide the revolutionary struggle of the Russian people. He created a new party, the 'Bolshevic Party'. On 7th November 1917, the new Soviet government was formed, headed by Lenin.

    Lenin died in 1924 in Moscow. His embalmed body is still kept in the Red Square in Moscow.

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