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(Born 1949)

    Lech Walesa is a polish trade union leader, who fought relentlessly for the cause of securing economic and other rights for the workers of his country. He was the President of the independent trade union 'solidarity’, and won Nobel peace Prize in 1983 in recognition of his struggle for human rights.

    Lech Walesa was born in 1943 in Poland. After his schooling, he worked as electrician at a shipyard. He had an equable mind and thus plunged into leadership when ‘Solidarity' called for strike. He shot into fame and the communist regime in Poland felt frightened. It dissolved 'Solidarity'. Lech Walesa was committed for the welfare and rights of the workers of his country. This love and heart-felt commitment inspired him to turn for a noble cause for his country. Walesa exhorted the workers to fight for their rights. He warned them that if they didn't stand up for their rights, they would perish.

    Lech Walesa came to headlines, when he inspired waves of industrial strikes throughout Poland. The Polish government retaliated by taking measures against him. Walesa was imprisoned but he kept his commitment burning for his trade union activities. Walesa lived some years of his life under constant terror. Nobel Peace Prize was announced for him. Some people felt that this honor to Walesa was on political grounds.

    His organizing ability and leadership qualities were proved beyond doubt. His struggle brought significant change in the life of Polish workers. Polish workers obtained the right to go on strike under compelling circumstances. Lech Walesa became the President of Poland for five years. But he lost the next presidential election. He is now a satisfied leader who got his goal.

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