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King Solomon
(973 B.C.-933 B.C.)

    King Solomon is regarded as the wisest king ever. His name in history is synonymous with wisdom. His sense of justice is still famous and hundreds of stories circulate all over the world about his wisdom.

    King Solomon was born in Jerusalem. Since his childhood, he was peace-loving and tolerant. He was good at studies and had a sharp mind. He learnt many languages and read a good number of religious books. These books made Solomon more religious, truthful, honest and wise.

    Solomon had the capacity to find out a solution to a problem related to justice. He ruled his kingdom very wisely. He built a huge temple in Jerusalem which was the proof of his religious-mindedness. He encouraged trade and made his kingdom prosperous and wealthy. He was a humanist and entered into matrimonial relations with neighboring kingdoms to have friendly ties with them and live peacefully together. Thus, his reign is described as 'Golden Age' in the history of Jews.

    A very popular story regarding his justice and wisdom is read fondly among children. It was said that a very difficult case came to King Solomon. It is the story regarding two women claiming to be mothers of the same child. Women had heard about the King Solomon and his justice. They approached the king for justice. King Solomon heard the story carefully and thought over the problem. Then Solomon ordered that the child be cut into two pieces and each half be given to the two women. One of the women started crying and begged not to cut the child but asked the king to give the child to the other woman. Solomon immediately made out that she was the real mother of the child as no mother would allow her child to be cut into two pieces and die. Solomon gave the child to the real mother and thus did justice.

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