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Karl Marx

    Karl Marx was a great philosopher who gave the idea of communism against capitalism in politics for the first time. He was a humanist. He observed that capitalism thrived on the exploitation of the poor workers, which is a deception. He wrote a book 'Das Capital' describing social philosophy giving an idea of classless society. Philosophy of communism was practiced in Russia by Lenin, as he was very much influenced by the thoughts of Karl Marx.

    Karl Marx was born in 1818 in Germany. Marx studied law, philosophy and religion. He did not attach any importance to religion in man's life. After completing his study, Marx got the job of journalist and became famous as a journalist with a difference. During that period, he began to formulate the ideas which brought immortality for him.

    In 1874, Marx presented a 'Communist Manifesto' together with Engels, another philosopher. For his revolutionary ideas Marx was arrested and exiled from Belgium. He went to London with his family and finally settled there. But he never felt defeat as he felt that his idea was strong and would come true. He devoted his energy to promote communism.

    Marx advocated the overthrow of the capitalist social order and switch over to communism for the benefit of mass. He gave the famous call to the workers - "Workers of all Countries Unite". Marx believed that communist revolution would first take place in industrialized countries like England, Germany and France. But in reality, it took place in industrially backward country like Russia. Marx died in 1883 in London.

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