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(Around 100 B.C.)

    Kalidas was a great poet and play write of his time. He wrote three classic Sanskrit dramas of such immense literary value that he became immortal in Indian literature. Kalidas' lyric poem Ritusamhara gives beautiful description of nature and sensitive exposition of lover's moods with the change in seasons.

    There is no definite information about the date of Kalidas's birth, the place of his residence and his personal life. But we came to know of his life through legends or from his writings. As we know, he was probably born at Malwa in Madhya Pradesh, India. He lived around 100 B.C. Kalidas had spent greater part of his life in Ujjain.

    He married to a beautiful young lady and loved her so much so that he could not spare her even for a day. It is said that one day his wife went to her parent's place. Kalidas could not remain alone in his house and went there following her. For this act his wife scolded him and advised him to attend to his own work. Facing such a scornful remark for himself he fell in remorse and this situation proved as inspiring event in his life.

    Kalidas studied Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas with deep insight. Not only this, he acquired considerable knowledge about medicine, astronomy and astrology. He also travelled far and wide in India to know various cultures and thus gathered wisdom. Kalidas was the court poet of King.

    Chandragupta Vikrmaditya, the founder of the Samvat era commencing from 56 B.C. After becoming a scholar, Kalidas wrote poems, plays and books. 'Raghuvansa', 'Meghaduta', 'Kumarasambhava', and ‘Abhijnana Shakuntalam' are his famous creations. In Kalidas's work there is sweetness, grace, purity and vivid description of nature, beauty and mankind.

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