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    Josip Broz Tito was the people's leader and a patriot to his motherland. Tito will also be remembered for his part in founding the Non-aligned Movement with Col. Nasser Egypt and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru of India.

    Josip Tito was born in 1892 in a poor farmer's family. After his primary education, Josip Tito joined the army. He also fought during the First World War in I9I4. He was imprisoned in Russia. He was greatly impressed by communist ideology during his stay in Russia. Tito spread communism in his own country. He started to dream to unify country into a strong prosperous nation.

    In 1937, Tito became General-Secretary of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia. At that time, Yugoslavia was made up of many ethnic groups like Serbians and Croatians.

    In 194I, Yugoslavia was occupied by the Nazis. But Tito fought relentlessly against the occupying forces and eventually succeeded in driving out the Germans from his country. Tito became hero of the country and was elected as the President of Yugoslavia in 1953. He could not tolerate the hold of Soviet Union on his country and fought fearlessly. Thereafter, he made his country free from Russian involvement.

    Broz Tito had faced many ups and downs in his life, but he remained steadfast in his loyalty towards his country. He wanted to make Yugoslavia a neutral strong independent socialist state. Tito himself was a nationalist, communist as well as independent by nature. So he founded the Non-Aligned Movement that aimed to steer away of the two superpowers, America and Soviet Union. Thus Tito made Yugoslavia an independent and strong nation. He died in 1980 leaving his legacy.

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