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(Around 1400 AD)

    Joan of Arc fought for the freedom of her country, France. She was declared as martyr for God as Englishmen realized it after they burnt her to death. After her death, 'The Hundred Years War' between England and France ended as Englishmen lost one battle after another. Her life is a saga of for her country.

    She was born in a village called Domremy in France. Her father was a farmer. As Joan grew up, she heard her parents and others talking about the English King Henry V, who was trying to conquer their country. Her heart was full of patriotic feelings. So she often went to church and prayed for her country.

    One day, while she was praying in church she heard a voice speaking to her. The voice told her that only she could help her king. This inspired her to work for her country. But she was in doubt how a simple maid like her could lead soldiers in a battle. Next day again, the voice said, "God will show you what to do?.” In this way she heard the voice many times, and finally the voice told her to go and meet a captain of the French Army.

    Joan planned to fight with English soldiers to save her country. She cut off her long hair, put on man's clothes and rode on a white horse with a sword. She marched towards Orleans, which was being besieged by the English. She reached Orleans and defeated the English soldiers there.

    In 1430, Joan was captured by her enemy, the English. She was chained as they thought that she used witchcraft to win her battles. English burnt her to death but from that time, they began to lose French possessions one after another.

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