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Jesus Christ
(4 BC - 33 AD)

    Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity, the religion which has the largest number of followers in the world. He gave the message of peace, brotherhood and humanity, the guiding principles for human beings.

    Jesus Christ was born on 25th December, 4 BC at Bethlehem near Jerusalem in a stable, where cows and other animals were kept. His parents Joseph and Mary were Jews and very poor. Many strange things happened which proved that the baby was not an ordinary one. A very bright star was seen in the sky and some shepherds watching their sheep that night, were visited by angels, who told them about the birth of Jesus. Almost nothing is known about his early life, except that by the age of 12, he knew so much that he astonished the most learned man among the Jews of that time.

    When he turned 30 years old, he gave up his hereditary profession of a carpenter and went from place to place teaching the people about God and what God wanted of them. He preached new religion of humanity and universal brotherhood. His teaching would be summed into two sentences - "Love God with all your heart and love all people as you love yourself". Thousands of people came to hear the teachings of Jesus.

    Selfish money-making priests became jealous of Jesus. So they began to plot against him and cooked some false charges against Jesus. The Roman Governor, Pilate sentenced Jesus to death by crucification on a Friday. But his disciples spread his teachings throughout the world. Christians celebrate 'Good Friday' and 'Christmas day'.

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