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James Cook

    James Cook was the discoverer of the new world, Australia. He set out on the sea to find new places. He discovered river Lawrence of Canada. James Cook made enormous addition to geographical knowledge and maps. He undertook dangerous voyages and discovered the continent of Australia which was believed to be inhabited by the savages.

    James Cook was born in a village of England in 1728. His father worked on a farm. When James grew up, he was put in a shop to learn the work. There was a port, beside the shop. James loved to go to the port whenever he could and listen to the talk of the sailors. One day, he packed up his things and ran away to become a sailor himself. For fifteen years he sailed in many ships and rose to the position of officer in a ship.

    Then James Cook joined navy and went to serve in Canada. He became a good navigator and knew how to sail ships very well. James was responsible for Britain's acquisition of Australian territories. The secret of James Cook's success was his skill as a sailor and his leadership qualities.

    James spent his life on board of ships, always on the move in search of new lands. One of his admirable qualities was his ability to win the confidence of the native tribal’s and to work with them in unison. He also surveyed the innermost part of Canada while he discovered Australia. The maps which Cook made of the Pacific Ocean have remained almost unchanged because they were very correct.

    James last journey was of Hawaii, but the natives were not so friendly. They were dangerous and one of them hit James hard and stabbed him to death. James Cook was only 50 years when he was killed in 1779. But he had become one of the greatest explorers of the world.

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