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    Ho Chi Minh was the patriot and leader of Vietnam who instilled the sense of freedom in his countrymen, and emancipated Vietnamese from the tyrannical rule of imperialists like France. He enlightened the people of Vietnam. For Vietnamese people, Ho Chi Minh is as great as Gandhiji is to India. He liberated his countrymen from slavery and oppression.

    Ho Chi Minh was born in 1890 in Vietnam. He spent his childhood in studying and roaming in the beauty of nature. As he grew older, he became a freedom lover and a promising youth. But his poverty and slavery came in his way of progress. These adverse circumstances were the inspiring events in the life of Ho Chi Minh and he hardened his resolve to do away with them.

    At that time Vietnam was a colony of France. H e did many professions but the theme idea of his mind was to indulge in struggle for freedom movement. Once he worked as a teacher, then as a cook in France. He studied the political system of France and about imperialism. He finally made up his mind to snatch the power from France and work for the progress of his country, Vietnam.

    In 1917, Ho Chi Minh reached England during the First World War. After the war, he again came back to France and presented a charter of demands at the Versailles conference. The French people created a furore over it. It was a sad part of his life that his sacrifices and plans for his country were hardly known to his countrymen.

    In Paris, he worked as a laborer and suffered untold miseries for the sake of freedom of Vietnam. He wrote about the Vietnam problem in paper. He also wrote a book, 'The Crimes of French Colonialists'. In the end, Vietnam was liberated under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh and he became the President of the Republic of Vietnam.

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