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Hans Christian Anderson

    Hans Christian Anderson was the world renowned author of fairy tales. Children all over the world read and enjoy his tales. His understanding of human nature helped transform him to grow as world famous writer of fairy tales.

    Hans Christian Anderson was born in 1805 in Denmark in family of a poor cobbler. Although he lived in slums, he liked studying and reading very much. He could not go to school for his parents were extremely poor. He had earnest desire to do something special in life. So he decided to be a singer, but failed. Out of desperation, he pleaded to the king to make some arrangement for his education. Moved by Anderson's plight, King Frederick assisted him to get education and live with dignity. Anderson studied very hard and impressed his teachers. Intellectual faculties of Anderson enhanced with his studies.

    With time, Anderson grew in intelligence and insight. He started writing for children for he could frame interesting plots for children stories. In 1828, Anderson wrote a successful satire full of fun and laughter, titled ‘A Journey on Foot'. The praise he received for this satire molded him to become a writer. In 1835, he wrote a novel 'The Improvisatore' which brought him popularity. The king also recognized his work and gave him financial assistance for travel across Europe.

    Hans Christian Anderson wrote fairy tales for children. These fairy tales earned him great name and fame. Some of his famous works are Poets' Bazar, Fairy Tales, Wonder stories and The Snow Queen. His stories and books give pleasure to people of every age. His autobiography is readable to know a person with dream in eyes can rise to success.

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