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    Johann von Goethe was the top most figure of German literature. He wrote some of the best novels and dramas which enlightened and gave pleasure to readers. Goethe built the basis of German literature. In his writings, he penned human values, emotions and liberation.

    Goethe was born in 1749 at Frankfurt. He put his heart and soul in studies as he liked reading. Goethe started writing by pouring his talent in paper. During those days, he fell in love with a beautiful girl, Charlotte. His love inspired him to write some of his finest lyrics. Goethe wrote around fifteen hundred letters to Charlotte out of his love for her. The love colored Goethe's horizons of mind and inspired Goethe to write his masterpieces.

    Goethe's life and thoughts were influenced by English, French and Sanskrit literature. He studied art, science and literature for a long time to get in-depth knowledge of these branches. Around 1770, Goethe met Herder, who was deeply influenced by him. Goethe himself was admirer of Shakespeare and Kalidas. He thought that their writings had immensely enriched the literary world.

    Goethe's sensitive and perceptive mind gave some real-life fine descriptions of creative writing. Goethe is considered the founder of modern German literature. His novels, 'The Sorrow of Young Werther', 'Die Leiden des Jungen Werther's coincided with disturbed Sturm and Drag movements. Later, Goethe wrote lyrics, which were set to music by his friend Schiller. Then Goethe wrote his most celebrated work, Faust. He was a literary genius who perceived and gave the idea of finest emotions of life. Goethe died in 1832, leaving his legendary work for us.

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