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George Washington

    George Washington was the founder of Independent America of which he became the first president. He has been called the first American as he became the commander of a victorious army, the leader of a nation establishing its independence from British rule. The capital of America was named 'Washington' (Washington D.C.) to honor him. The Americans consider him as the father of their nation and his birthday is a national holiday in the USA.

    George Washington was born in 1732 in the state of Virginia. His father was a farmer. Washington not only took formal education but also learned about practical farming and surveying. In his youth, after the death of his father, Washington was appointed as the assistant surveyor. At the same time, George was appointed manager by his half-brother. After his death, George became a wealthy landowner. This enthusiastic and intelligent farmer saw the vast rich lands of farmers. He envisioned a great new nation of farmers. This vision was the inspiring force in George's life which led him to become a president. H e was also fond of fishing, shooting, riding, racing and dancing. Parties were frequent at the Washington’s house.

    After doing the job of surveyor, Washington joined the army. His first taste of battle pleased him. He wrote to his brother: "l heard the bullets whistle, and believe me, there is something c harming in the sound”. In 1752, he became a Major and with it, his career in the army got a boost. He was made the Commander-in-Chief of the combined armies of the American colonies that were to fight with the British. At that time, Washington had to fight against several odds. He had a vision about free and progressive America.

    Thus, under his able military leadership, American armies overwhelmed the British forces. Britain was forced to recognize the independence of America. Washington was elected President in 1787. He was also re-elected for the second term.

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