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    George Bernard Shaw is one of the greatest English writers and the greatest Irish dramatist after Shakespeare. He believed in classless society so that anyone could progress according to one's efficiency. His first play was 'Widower's House' in which he portrayed the problems of London's slums.

    George Bernard Shaw was born in 1856 in Dublin (Ireland). He also received his education there. He was interested in reading and writing from his childhood. After his school education, Shaw became a clerk and cashier in a land agent's office.

    At the age of twenty after the death of his sister, he left Dublin and joined his mother in London. But he was not welcomed by her. He underwent extraordinary change and became silent and solitary. This anguish was the inspiring event in his life which led him to be a novelist. He toiled for writing fiction.

    Now, there was no looking back for Shaw. He wrote about fifty plays of which first successful play was 'Widower's House' which came out in 1892. George Bernard Shaw was awarded Nobel Prize in literature in 1925 for his play 'Saint Joan'. Shaw acquired great fame as a dramatist and literary figure. It was his belief that it is the duty of man to exert himself to full extent of his ability and power.

    If he fails to do so, he will be violating the law of life. The man should know to accommodate himself to changed conditions. He also believed that poverty, disease, ignorance, war and class divisions are all unfriendly to good living. He voiced his ideas in his writings. Through his plays, he discussed many current, social, political and religious problems according to his own perception. Shaw died at the ripe age of ninety four.

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