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    Erwin Rommel was a capable general, who led his forces bravely during the Second World War. He was given the title of 'The Desert Fox' due to his tactical planning in desert war. Rommel was a great achiever in the battlefield and he became famous for commanding of the German and Italian troops in the North African deserts in the middle of the World War ll.

    Erwin Rommel was born in 1891 in a teacher's family. He was brave and ambitious. After finishing education, he joined army. He showed the qualities of bravery, and leading capability. His Ionging heart for the act of bravery was bubbling all the time which became the inspiring event for him during Second World War.

    Rommel rosed to become the Field Marshal by dint of his bravery and ability. He was so appropriate in his dealing s that he earned the respect of both his own men and opponents. He made full contribution in Hitler's victories over France and Poland. Rommel was very much confident as a leading general in a battlefield. He was able to instill confidence in the minds of soldiers to fight properly and tactfully.

    Edwin Rommel became victorious and successful in pushing the British army back to Egypt and recaptured Tobruk in 1942. Then he was elevated to the rank of field marshal. In 1942, Rommel's troops were defeated by British Army under the command of field marshal Montgomery and German troops were forced out of Egypt. At this critical time, Rommel was called again from Africa to lead his army in Germany.

    In 1944, while facing the allied invasion of France, he was severely injured by British fighter planes. He faced the choice of death by a firing squad or suicide. Rommel chose suicide and died in 1944.

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