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Eiffel Tower

    Gustavo Eiffel, France's most brilliant engineer was chosen to build a 984 foot iron tower, which would dwarf any structure in the world. He signed the contract in 1887 and it took him two years to build it.

    Standing on a 410 foot square base, near River Seine, the Eiffel tower's lattice work piers curve gracefully towards each other until they unite to form a single structure. It is built of 15,000 pieces of wrought iron and joined with two and half million rivets.

    Eiffel tower has in it three viewing platforms, one at 187 feet, second at 377 feet and the third at 899 feet height. On a clear day, the view from the third platform is 42 miles. Because of the open lattice work, even in the strongest winds, the maximum sway is only 5 inches.

    In 1950's the flag pole on top of the tower was replaced by a television mast and the Eiffel tower gained another 68 feet, making it 1052 feet tall. The Eiffel Tower has become the Paris most popular Landmark.

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