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    Edmund Halley was a British Astronomer, who will always be remembered for his inventive ventures in the study of comets. He was the first to find out that comets are also heavenly bodies, which appear and disappear suddenly in the sky. It was Edmund Halley who solved the riddle about comets. He found out where they go and how they appear again in the sky.

    Edmund Halley was born in 1656. From the very beginning, he was fascinated by heavenly bodies. He used to look at them with excitement. As he grew up, his inquisitive mind became more eager to know about heavenly bodies. He wanted to know more about astronomy. Astronomy was well advanced by the 17th century Astronomers were busy in spotting various planets, satellites, stars, etc. But astronomers were puzzled by the secrets of comets.

    Edmund Halley was professor of astronomy at Oxford University and prepared to solve the secret how comets appear. He studied extensively about twenty-four comets. The comet he first spotted and studied came to be known as 'Halley's Comet, after his name.

    There was no looking back for Edmund Halley. He wanted to know about the comets at any cost. Halley also helped Newton in his research. Halley was a genius and he persuaded his friend Newton to publish 'Principia', a book written by Newton. Halley was the first to declare that a comet, 'Halley's comet' would be seen after every 76 years. He established that comet is also a rotating heavenly body like stars. He also discovered that comets in the solar system revolve around the Sun. The science of astronomy will always remain indebted to Edmund Halley. He died in 1742.

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