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Donald Bradman

    The name of Donald Bradman is mentioned with great respect in the cricket world. His name still lives on the lips of cricket lovers. He is regarded the greatest batsman ever of the world.

    Donald Bradman was born in 1908 in Australia. He had an inborn talent for the game of cricket. From his childhood, he showed interest in games and sports. He was considered an excellent batsman even as a young boy. As he grew up, he started hitting centuries and became synonymous with cricket. He hit 29 centuries in the test matches. This record was broken by Sunil Gavaskar.

    At one time in the history of Australian cricket, he was called 'run machine' for his extraordinary rate of scoring runs. Bradman's life is the story of cricket. In fifty two test matches, he collected 5,996 runs. It gives an average of 99.94 runs per innings. Once while playing against England in 1930, Donald scored 334 runs which was then a record. Nobody in test cricket has been able to touch the heights of Bradman's batting till now.

    In his life time, he had the highest aggregate score. Donald Bradman had the vast experience of playing good cricket, and he wrote his experience as cricketer in his books. He was written many books on cricket. Donald Bradman's autobiography, 'Farewell to Cricket' is a readable book for cricket lover and player.

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