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    David Livingstone was the first white man who explored the Dark Continent, Africa. He explored its dense jungles, big rivers, huge lakes, its deserts, mountains, strange animals and of course, ferocious tribes, who killed men. He crossed the continent from its east coast to west coast. Within 50 years, Africa was no longer dark to the world and made great progress.

    David Livingstone was born in 1813 in Scotland. His father was a tea seller and a religious person. From his childhood, David was eager to learn and read books. At the same time he also worked in a cotton factory. He studied medicine in Glasgow University.

    After becoming doctor, he became a member of the London Missionary Society. David Livingstone came to Kuruman, the African headquarters as a missionary. He reached there after a long voyage and began to make journeys to the interior of Africa. There he married Mary Moffat, daughter of the head of the missionary work to preach Christianity, he educated and taught people to live healthier and happier lives and also he treated them for diseases.

    During his stay there, David was attacked by a lion but escaped unhurt luckily. Not caring for his life, he went to explore the unknown places which had never been seen before. He also discovered the Famous Victoria Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world. He was honored with Victoria Medal. David lived in Africa and undertook great and dangerous adventures. He died in 1873 and was buried in a large church in London, called West minister Abbey.

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