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(Born 1935)

    Dalai Lama is a religious leader of Tibet who now resides in India in political asylum. Dalai Lama is a symbol of love and peace for Tibetans in particular and humanity at large. Due to the practice of non-violence and universal brotherhood, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1989.

Dalai Lama

    Dalai Lama was born in 1935 at the village Taktse in Tibet. His real name is Tenzin Gyatso. Due to his brilliance shown in childhood, Tenzin was selected as Dalai Lama in accordance with the conventional method.

    Tibetans are basically Buddhists and believe that each Dalai Lama reincarnates himself. The present Dalai Lama is the fourteenth spiritual and religious head of the Tibetans. To select Lama, a body of priests search for the auspicious signs amongst children of Tibet and declare the selected one as the new Dalai Lama. The selected child is then imparted education and training for assuming the oath of austerity.

    In 1950, China, a neighboring country to Tibet, started interfering in Tibetan affairs as it claimed Tibet to be a part of China. It curbed the freedom of the peace-loving Tibetans, and subdued them. Their custom and heritage was purposely interfered with Dalai Lama decided not to surrender to the Chinese forces.

    Dalai Lama struggled to keep alive the literature, art and identity of the Tibetans by his spiritual strength. His most inspiring prayer is "For as long as space endures, and for as long as living being remain, until then may I, too, abide to dispel the misery of the world." Dalai Lama has written a book, 'Kindness, Clarity and Insight', which is the reflection of his great soul.

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