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    Colonel Abdul Gamal Nasser was the greatest patriot of Egypt who dedicated his life to serve the people of his country. Col. Nasser seized power in Egypt after the revolt of 1952, which ended the monarchy of King Farouk. People of Egypt heaved a sigh of relief as King Farouk was a dictator. Col. Nasser took over the president-ship of Egypt and took steps to modernize and strengthen his country.

    Abdul Gamal Nasser was born in 1918 in Egypt. From his childhood, he showed prowess and confidence in himself. He retained his qualities even after he grew up. He became a soldier. Although Nasser was a tough soldier, he was a kind and able man. During the regime of King Farouk, people had less liberty. Nasser felt the pain of people over this tyrant regime. His deep feeling for the freedom of people and development of his country, Egypt, proved inspiring for Col. Nasser and he vowed to take over the charge of his country in his own hands.

    So under the leadership of General Naguib, he forced King Farouk to flee from the country. Col. Nasser took over the president-ship of Egypt and took his country on the path of glory. He too steps to strengthen Egypt, which had to pass through difficult times.

    During his fourteen-year rule, Britain, France and other powerful countries wanted to throw Nasser out of power. But he was successful in his foreign policy measures. His enemies got an opportunity when Nasser nationalized Suez Canal in 1956, which passes through Egypt and was the lifeline between Asia and Europe. They attacked Egypt but withdrew due to international pressure.

    Thus Col. Nasser made Egypt a political power in the Arab world. Col. Nasser was a founder of non-aligned movement along with Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru and President Tito of Yugoslavia. Col. Nasser died in 1970, but he will always be remembered for the service of his country.

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